Tired of trips to the groomer?

…. why not learn to groom your Schnauzer yourself?

Save time & money by grooming your Schnauzer yourself at home! Our step-by-step instructional DVDs teach you how to get professional results at home.

We have both titles available. Call or email to order!

 info@skansen.com or 707-795-7070


How To Strip Or Clip Your Giant Schnauzer

In this 2 hour DVD, Sylvia takes you through grooming your Schnauzer yourself step by step.

You will learn to:

Strip the German coat and the American coat in both black and pepper/salt Giants

Prepare your Schnauzer for a show- including clipping the head and shaping the eyebrows

Maintain your Schnauzer’s coat by either rotating it with a stripping knife of thinning it with a scissor

Clean the rear and underline for a beautiful profile

Also included in this DVD is a 20 minute tutorial on how to tape your pup’s ears.


Advance Show Grooming Of Your Giant Schnauzer

In this almost 2 hour long DVD, professional groomer Maryann Bisceglia will show you all the tricks of the trade.

Learn an experienced professional’s secrets for:

bathing your Schnauzer

raking and maintaining a show coat

blow drying leg furnishings

scissoring and shaping legs, underline and hindquarters

shaping the head and eyebrows

which tools and products to use

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