White Miniature Schnauzers at Skansen Kennel


The white mini’s are going forward, both in looks and acceptance by the general public. I’m sold on the breed, they stand out in good health, intelligence and trainability. You just have to get one and you will be forever grateful that I insisted on it. I am so proud of ours, they are a mixture of bloodlines from Canada, Sweden, Hungary, Spain, the USA Argentina and Brazil, so they are quite international. I was judging in Porto Alegre, Brazil last spring and had the pleasure of giving a white mini male, Mr. Magoo, reserve Best in Show. He is a great ambassador for the breed. In Stockholm, Sweden they had an entry of 34 white mini’s. It is only a matter of time until the public discovers this great variety of the miniature schnauzer. Everyone should have a big black giant and a small white mini to make their life full of love and pride. Walk them down the street together and you will see what traffic stoppers they are.

My first white mini, Gretchen is now 10 years old and doing great. The quality of our mini’s is so good they are winning Best in Shows at the international shows. To help this variety get more well-known, we offer some for half the price of the blacks. I promise you once you bring a white mini into your home, you will be hooked!

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Our white mini’s are not only loved here at Skansen but when they are retired into private homes as well. Below (left to right) is ‘Ding Dang’ with another retiree from Skansen named Bonnie (12 year old giant), Skansen’s Daydream, then we have Happy an import from Hungary whose new best friend is a cat, and  a lovely Skansen-bred mini owned by the Richey family. Last but not least is Skansen’s Bolt owned by Neal Moody & Doreen Endo. Won’t you consider adding one of these great little dogs to your pack?



bolt in action   BoltBeach_1300_2a

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