Why Not Try a Standard?

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As you may already know, the schnauzer comes in three sizes. The original schnauzer is the standard size, a breed recorded as far back as 300-400 years ago on paintings. In the latter part of the 1800th century breeders in Germany decided a larger size schnauzer would be useful so the Standard was mixed with Great Danes, Wolfhounds, Poodles and many local breeds to get the Giant Schnauzer. The Standard was also used a prototype for the miniature schnauzer, using small and toy breeds.

Today, the Miniature Schnauzer is well-established in most countries, a great little companion. The mini comes in four colors: black, pepper/salt, black/silver, and white. He usually weighs 15-20 lbs and should not exceed 14 inches in height.

The Giant Schnauzer has proven himself as a great family dog, family guardian, police dog, excellent in tracking, therapy dog, and companion to young and old. The giant comes in two colors: black and pepper/salt. Males usually weigh 85-105 lbs and females 65-85 lbs.

clip_image006 The Standard Schnauzer also comes in two colors: black and pepper/salt. He weighs 35-55 lbs depending on sex and condition but should not exceed 20 inches in height.

This breed excels in intelligence, trainability, obedience, agility, good health and longevity and of course as a great companion. His character is specifically as one man, one family dog. He is very loyal and dependable but has little interest in making friend with the whole world. In other words, he is the opposite to a Golden Retriever.

clip_image008clip_image010  You can train him to do almost anything. He is superior in competition, loves tracking and is a natural guardian. In fact, the standard schnauzer was one of the first dogs to be trained to find cancer; he was the model to extensive use of dogs worldwide now being trained for this. If you would like to see this in action you will see a retired police dog being trained to find cancer on Animal Planet. We will be happy to lend you our DVD of this show.

I’m not sure why this size schnauzer has not become better known in the USA. In Germany, the origin country of all schnauzers, they register approximately six hundred litters of standards yearly. In the US probably less than sixty litters. In Germany and many countries in Europe, you frequently see them walking with their owners. The standard is a great apartment dog and because of his smaller size he is called a big working dog in a small body.

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He does have a lot of energy and will require plenty of exercise but then I feel all dogs deserve this. He is easily trained to get exercised on your treadmill and if you have time, its lots of fun to train him to pull a cart, run next to your bike, pull you on skis or go swimming. The more you train him, the happier he is. He makes a great therapy dog, generally love other dogs and has a long life if fed correctly which in my opinion is a raw meaty bones diet.

The most popular color is pepper/salt, the black is much more rare. We specialize in the black color and we are hoping to bring this size schnauzer to the attention of Americans. Therefore at this time we have a great sale on standard schnauzer black pups. If you live in California, the standard price to crop ears for this size dog is approximately $500, we are offing our beautiful healthy pups for $1000 with the ears cropped, and all puppy vaccinations done, with the hope that you will try this breed. We also have a one hour long audio CD about the breed if you are interested.



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